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Georgios nikolaou papanikolaou was a greek physician who was a pioneer in cytopathology. Anatomo patologo del instituto nacional del cancer. Georgios nicholas papanikolaou sau george papanicolaou. Georgios papanicolau viquipedia, lenciclopedia lliure. Discusion necropsia especialidades medicas patologia. George nicholas papanicolaou 18831962 the embryo project. Georgios papanicolau wikipedia, a enciclopedia livre.

Georgios nikolaou papanikolaou or george papanicolaou. Douglas george norman imagenes informacion noticias videos. George nicholas papanicolaou developed the pap test in the united. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. George nicholas papanicolaou, md, developed a simple test, the pap smear, which since its introduction has led to a 70% reduction in cervical cancer deaths papanicolaou was born on may, 1883. George nicholas papanicolaou was born in the seaport town of kymi, on the eastern slopes of the greek island of euboea. Proceedings of the third race betterment conference, january 26.

The existence of a typical oestrous cycle in the guinea pig with a study of its histological an physiological changes. He thus became known for his invention of the papanicolaou test, commonly known as the pap smear or. The pap test is a diagnostic procedure used to test for cervical. En 1917, george nicholas papanicolaou 18831962, medico griego nacido. Papanicolaou, quien nacio en 1883 en grecia, estudio medicina. George papanicolaou wikipedia, a enciclopedia livre. George nicholas papanicolau kyma, 1883miami, 1962 histologo griego.

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