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An interview with chump cars new coo mike chisek chump. Talk to me about starting a chumpcar team my husband and a few friends are thinking of putting together a chumpcar team. This section on race flags is from the scca rule book 6. Entry fee covers registration, track time, paddock pass, track insurance, onsite ambulance crew, commemorative crap, and anything else we come up with by then. The chump car world series race at shannonville, ontraio posted on june 15, 2011 by steve mckelvie karl hughes, a wellknown rally guy and iceracer from the syracuse, new york area, sent me the following report on last weekends chump car world series race at.

Team is dissolving, none of us have the time required to put into finishing. This accident occurred early in the race on saturday 11012014, during the first 2 hours of a 7 hour race, just after a full course caution where the whole field was bunched up tightly. Lemons is more of a party with a race and chumpcar is more of a race with a party. Find cars for sale here to start your lemons racing empire. The names and described flags below are used in racing to convey the commands or information indicated. To enter an event, competitors are required to select a vehicle from the list of cars at the end of the rule book. The chump car world series is often referred to as a touring series for professional amateurs. Build the car you want to build and then put it to work on the track. Theres definitely cars that work well for chumps rule set and are lightning fast, and fortunately, they seem to do an ok job of making a clean pass around my slow 944. Champcar endurance racing is the simplest path to real wheeltowheel endurance road racing. Chump, now champcar is as serious as the big boys with less cost. Pat i hear you but when you have a 24 hour race that looks to be legit 40 minutes from home it is hard to pass up.

Advice wanted from teams who run lemons and chump page 1. February 2017 2016 schedule posted club membership required dues. Once issued, it is your responsibility to have it at every race and produce it on demand. Our 1987 325is with m52 engine swap has had multiple overall victories, podiums and 2x championship wins over the last 2 years. The chump car world series race at shannonville, ontraio. Event results and practice sessions of champcar endurance. Recorded live camera feeds, live broadcasters reporting live from the race. The following are the minimum safety requirements we require on and in your car. As part of two 8hour endurance races at the circuit of the americas cota, they were all known as chumpcars. Lemons is a mechanics halloween party that a race occurs during. At the conclusion of the final chumpcar sprint race, the top three 3 finishing vehicles of each sprint race shall be impounded for a period not less than 30 minutes and no more than 90 minutes. Chumpcar world series at the circuit of the americas recap.

Notably, shorter races are less expensive and chump is toying with different race weekend formats quite often this year. These are the important safety items and the procedures that champcar uses to access the race car you have chosen. We have our own rule book and include many types of race cars safety regulations aside. How to live stream video from your race car, pit, or shop click here. Team racing endurance challenge trec 2020 trec rules. You have the stock engine, the stock transmission, and the stock rear diff. The american endurance racing aer series was born out of a desire for an inclusive endurance racing series with simple rules. In 2017 chumpcar world series chumpcar international inc. This podcast delves into the world of amateur, grassroots motorsports, specifically cheapcar road racing, a sport in which almost anyone can feel as though they can participate for the pure pleasure of competing in car racing.

Chumpcar becomes champcar news grassroots motorsports. According to an official wrapup of last weekends pair of chumpcar world series races, teams from texas and beyond entered more than 55 cars in the first day of competition at the home of the united states grand prix. They shall be obeyed immediately and without question. That flexible system also makes it more comfortable for some drivers, especially women. Their claiming rule is if you are a cheater or a jerk. This included a new set of tires and a onceover of all major mechanical components and checking for any fluid leaks or.

Chumpcar canada is a series of automotive endurance races held on premier road race courses across canada. All you need is a valid drivers license, some safety gear, and a race car, which you can rent from arrive and drive teams, or build your own car. An interview with chump cars new coo mike chisek log in with one of the networks to the right to comment. If, in the opinion of the track officials, a racer intentionally wrecks another car during the race, the.

The shr flex automatically adapts to the different seating positions in a variety cars, so you only need one head restraint device. The first order of business is figuring out a car, and determining what one may expect to go through in terms of races. Watch the recorded ondemand video stream from inside the chumpcar world series. The chump car rule set the joke that it is isnt the same as lemons at all. Since we cant seem to get one car ready for a race. And understandably, 2015 saw either a podium finish or race win for every single twothbuilt car in the chumpcar series. How much should you spend on your crapcan race car. Classbyclass regulations and requirements, racing procedures, and. Champcar endurance series is for people like you that have always wanted to go endurance road racing without all the hassles, huge rulebook, or obscene expense. Any rule violations, crashes or issues during any race are to be reported after the race and a committee will decide the outcomes of any complaints the next day prior to posting results. Mar 12, 2014 brian lohnes apex chump car series news, bangshift apex 3 the optima batteries chumpcar world series. Although there have been a few wellknown names to strapin behind the wheel of a chump car most notably, threetime nascar sprint cup champion, tony stewart 99.

Feel free to build your car to exceed these standards. What ive heard to do is roll on the first coat then spray once its tacky. During the impound period, the team associated with the impounded car must. Updated 1212019 for 2020 season updates are highlighted in red. The 2020 nhra rulebook is now online and viewable by all who wish to compete in the nhra arena. Present the cars log book on the windshield of the vehicle. Complainants need to provide the following in writing on the night.

Top fool elemonator at road america chump car race day 1 april 2nd 2011 duration. A unique form of endurance racing, chumpcar world series is quickly becoming a major racing platform in north america, allowing enthusiasts to economically compete at the most prestigious racing venues. Nondriving crew members get all the same bennies except track time. Winning is everything put that time and effort and strategy into a midpack finish aint fun. We also discuss his transition, the new rules regarding chump change and what to expect of upcoming changes in the chump car rule book. We speak with organization leaders, technical gurus and race teams to g.

World racing league will issue each car a log book. Were not competitive in chump, either, even with their new simplified classes based on displacement. I race spec miata with scca and having all that extra seat time is a huge advantage to the true chumps that only race 23 times a year. Explore all event results and practice sessions, leaderboards, lap times, lapcharts, comparisons, speed and more data of champcar endurance series. The local builder wanted more for a basic chump cage than what we have total in the build. Table of contents section 1 section 2 section 3 section 4 section 5 section 6 section 7 section 8 section. The scariest part is putting the mix of drivers out there with the car counts these events bring. Chumpcars slogan is real racing, real tracks, real cheap cars, and its stated mission, is to be its all about racing. The e36 is not allowed to be modified currently in chump car, stock as. The race gear you and your team need to go chumpcar. Standard race car entry paperwork is for the racers who are entering a race car with very little mods. For this 24 hour race, the crew convened at the race track with the car the day before the race in order to do maintenance checks and preparation of the car for race day. Aers goal is to provide a fun, safe environment for experienced drivers to participate in endurance races using almost any production based race car. With the release of its 2004 rule book, the champ car world series has made some changes to its mandatory pitstop rule, which was introduced to add drama to the series two years ago.

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