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I suppose that all the tips found here can be a bit intimidating. What makes it different than any other device on the market is the ability to perform all of the most important tasks for glider pilots right out of the box. The event is being supported by naviter and and the naviter team. In 2016 naviter acquired flytec, instantly giving them a broad range of instruments.

This includes any use of this deviceequipment outside the scope of common sense, the user manual, inserts and other related documentation. It has been designed for pilots, by pilots, to simplify the process of learning the skills an exceptional pilot needs. Seeyou makes you a better pilot seeyou has been designed for pilots, by pilots, to simplify the process of learning the skills an exceptional pilot needs. Naviter developed seeyou and seeyou mobile, the worlds leading flight task preparation and analysis software for sailplane and paraglider pilots, and the oudie, a portable flight computer and. Oudie 2 lite is delivered complete with all neccessary cables to connect it to your gliding instruments, including a power and serial cable. Seeyou runs on mac, iphone, ipad, android, linux, everywhere.

The oudie is a personal navigation device which runs seeyou mobile natively. Gliding and seeyou software, at the heart of everything we do welcome to the naviter family. Naviter oudie igc with suction cup mount the ultimate portable system. The combination of this license together with an oudie 2 lite makes an oudie 2. Open flight from the local storage sd card, seeyou cloud, url or email attachment. If the registration is successful, you will see the information about the serial number and upgrade expiration date below the box. Your shopping cart will be saved with product pictures and information, and cart totals. Oudie 1 dark screen, oudie 2 lite, oudie 2, oudie igc and oudie 3, it is. Update seeyou to the latest version naviter help docs. This is a short presentation of the seeyou user interface for android smartphones. The registration key allows unlimited use of seeyou mobile on a naviter oudie with no time restriction. For the demanding pilot, from beginner to world class competition winner, the naviter range offers the complete package seeyou offers one application to keep you company on your flying journeys for many years to come. Oudie 4 is delivered with the latest version of seeyou mobile software.

Seeyou mobile s default application folder is \program files\mseeyou 1. Seeyou is intended to help users in creating their customized glider flight plans. Links to both of those documents are available below. Its functions before the flight allow you to plan tasks, manage waypoint lists and upload all that to the pocket pc device. It is a complete and reliable inflight navigation software for beginners and. To conclude, seeyou is a very detailed and highly recommended application for anyone that enjoys gliding. Andrej kolar, for seeyou 4 you have to compile this information into the seeyou help registration window. Seeyou mobile oudie registration key has three important fields serial number, name of the customer and the key. Seeyou mobile comes preloaded on oudie 2 stand alone navigation device from naviter.

Then send it to yourself, or a friend, with a link to retrieve it at any time. It is a complete and reliable inflight navigation software for beginners and champions alike. Software piracy is theft, using crack, password, serial numbers, registration. Seeyou has been designed for pilots, by pilots, to simplify the process of. Seeyou mobile always starts in serial input mode lxnav v7. Login to seeyou cloud please enter your email address and password to log in. The hyper is naviter s latest release and is billed as a standalone instrument for everyday use, hike and fly adventures and crosscountry missions. Common questions and support documentation for naviter, seeyou and oudie. This enables oudie to communicate to the internet through your phones internet connection regardless if this is 2g, 3g, lte or wifi. You can use your own customcompetition airspace files and waypoints. We focus on the needs of glider pilots worldwide through our trademarks seeyou and seeyou mobile. Rs232 serial cable connected to gps or soaring flight computer or.

It is also complete software wise with worldwide maps preinstalled on the device, seeyou mobile readytogo after you insert your license code. It does that by connecting the oudie to your smartphone through bluetooth. Seeyou competition a part of seeyou software and soaring spot our internet home for competition results provide the worldwide standard in tools for gliding competition organisers and pilots. Our results are updated in realtime and rated by our users. Integrates perfectly with seeyou on pc through the seeyou cloud. First impression is that the hyper is a pretty small unit.

Seeyou mobile helped win world championships numerous times already. Naviter assumes no responsibility for property damage, accidents, injury or death that may result from the misuse of this deviceequipment. The application is very comprehensive and allows control over virtually all aspects of the flight project. Naviter enabling pilot excellence one flight at a time. The proven naviter software packages seeyou mobile and connectme and worldwide maps are preinstalled. Oudie works great in combination with other naviter products such as seeyou for the pc. The proven naviter software packages seeyou mobile with worldwide maps and connectme are preinstalled. There are a couple of factors that could be held accountable for your current situation. Designed for pda and pna devices with windows mobile or windows ce operating system.

Oudie, oudie 2 and oudie 3 customers do not need to purchase this license because it is already included and entered into the unit. Seeyou for the pc is powerful software for your pc which is used to view flight logs in 2d and 3d, editing waypoints and tasks, and exporting waypoint and airspace data using the mobile wizard for use in seeyou mobile. If you can imagine it or want it, chances are we have developed it. We develop highly featured and easy to use software for glider pilots. Please keep in mind that this will all become clear over time as you gain more experience with seeyou mobile and the oudie. This is a free app which helps you connect oudie to the internet. The program features realistic maps and highly thorough statistics reports. Seeyou has been designed for pilots, by pilots, to simplify the process of learning the skills an exceptional pilot needs. Please consider it to be in addition to the seeyou mobile manual and the seeyou mobile tips document. Seeyou seeyou is a flight planning and analysis tool for glider pilots.

Free download and information on seeyou seeyou is a flight planning and. Statistics as already known from seeyou, optimized for smartphone and tablet screen sizes. The naviter open is a cat 2 competition open to all serial class pilots pilots flying ena to end wings, 2liners excluded. Seeyou is a flight planning and analysis tool for glider, paraglider and hang glider pilots. This has been yet another great example or reason to fly with a naviter seeyou oudie 2igc while the zeus is a nice navigation device, im just not familiar with it.

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