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The software can detect and scan the files on your sim card like contacts and sms messages and the data that are stored in the sd card like photos, music, videos, books. Download simemu, a software to write settings on blank sim card. Cloning or copy sim card is quite simple and easy if you follow the entire guide and steps provided by us. It allows you to copy sd card to another device such as an internalexternal hard drive, a usb flash drive, or a new sd card, etc. Simcardmanager is windows tool that can read a sim card information iccid, imsi, pin states and sim card content. Download the latest version of mobile sim card reader tool. One is that you need to transfer the data from the internal memory space to the external memory space of your mobile phone, for example, you may want to backup the contacts from the sim card to the sd card on your android device. Installing this software will allow you to manage the sim card copy process. Select the check boxes next to each item that you wish to copy from sim card to the computer and click the next buttonfor example, contacts, last dialled numbers, sms messages, music and. When the copying process is finished, you can put the new sim card on your device and use it as a twin card. This software uses your smart card readerterminal to navigate through the sim card directory. Transfer sim card data from android to computer via bluetooth oneclick to transfer android data from sim card to computer it will be timewasting for you to only use a usb cable to transfer data from a smartphone to pc if you have stored a large number of files on the device. Later, you can use its sim card clone app to copy it. Turn off the device remove the battery remove the sim card copy the imsi number that appears on the sim card.

Download sim manager easytouse software application that enables you to manage sim card data and schedule email and sms notifications regarding recharges. Insert the sim card reader into the sim card slot you can buy it online. Choose cloud backups to find what youd like to restore. When copying to a sim card, not all characters might be copied due to limitation of your sim card. The sim needs to be cloned, is inserted in the sim card reader and software copies the data from sim to the storage. So, following are the steps which you need to follow in order to clone sim card. Top 5 free sd card recovery and clone software tools. Back in the 1990s cell phones in the us were identified to towers by esn or electronic serial number. Sim card readerwritercopyclonerbackup gsmcdma ebay.

Top 5 sim cloning tools to clone sim card easily dr. Top 5 best sim card cloner to clone your sim card easily. You can clone a sim card, copy its content, and create customized cards as well. Sim manager universal sim card reader software for desktop another sim card data recovery app for windows. This software used to be a very useful tool to recover sim card data. After the conversion, click open folder icon to locate the converted video files, transfer them to your micro sd card and then plug the memory card to. Connect the sim card reader to your sim and to your computer so the ki number will copy the contents. Sim card to pc transfer how to transfer sim card data. You can use it to make a quick backup copy of the sim card.

How to copy dvd movie to micro sd card for viewing on. Sim card reader is a product developed by pro data doctor pvt. Most the sim card readerswriters are from china, poorly made and only able to program old non programmed sim cards, like the gold card green card ect. Insert blank sim card and open usb sim card reader software not magic sim at. This free application enables you copy and export your phone contacts to a gsm sim card. And there are two situations when refers to the question of copying android data to a sd card. To transfer your contacts to the sim card of your new device, download the app onto it and log in with the same credentials.

A sim copy wizard will be displayed on the screen which lists various options for copying sim card data. Clone and copy sim modify sim iccid, imsi create custom sim iccid, imsi. Software to clone sim card for free download windows. Those are all steps of how to clone android sd card to larger one. You are also able to connect multiple sim card readers at the same time. Our sim cards contain two secret codes or keys called imsi international mobile subscriber identity and ki authentication key, which enables the operator to know the mobile number and authenticate the customer, these codes are related to our mobile numbers which the operators store in. If not, either you did not unlock your sim, or you tried to copy it. You can clone your sim card in just 8 minutes and add up to 12 sim cards in just 1 multinumber sim card. I highly recommend this sim max sim card cloning software. This card reader is compatible with regular sim card. Now the new sim card is inserted, and stored data is copied to the new sim. Now the sim card is working with my spare hotspot as well as my original hotspot.

To use it with a mini sim card or micro sim card, please use it with a sim card adapter. This physical tool can be utilized to copy sim card content, clone it, and even create customized cards. Digiflex usb sim card reader writer copy cloner backup gsm. I am much disappointed when i noticed there is not provision in the software or any option to test cloning of sim.

How to clone sim card under 15 minutes full tutorial. Ltd all trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Windows tool to read sim card information and content. After selecting the wanted contacts, you can click on the option of export to transfer contacts from sim card to computer in one click. You can clone original sim card of the phone being investigated even without knowing the pin or create new sim cards with any iccid or just format your sim card to renew for the next use.

If you are satisfied, you may click on burn tab, put a blank dvd disc dvd format knowledge into the computer and start burning sd memory card videos to dvd format. I do not believe the police will arrest you for this. Upgrade sd card with the free sd card cloning software. You may first use it to create a image file from a master sd card, then write the image back to a. Run simemu and click the configure tab, enter the all the info gathered from the. Now insert the blank sim and wait for it to detect. Ltd this site is not directly affiliated with pro data doctor pvt. To verify cloning, the new sim is inserted in the mobile device, and if the sim is successful attaches to the network, it means cloning is successful.

Is it legal to make a copy of my sim card so i can use two. The subscriber identity module aka sim card is the transmitter of the signal to the mobile and tower. Sometimes, you may need to make a extra copy of an sd card for backup or other purpose. Open easy backup on your android and select my backups. In order to clone a sim card, you will never be prompted to undergo an authentication process. Sim clone by compelson labs and many more programs are available for instant and free download. The program will display your phone book, it will allow you to insert, edit, copy, and delete contacts, you can view and send short messages, read, and write your sim data. Sim card programming software free download download office software. Trixes usb sim card reader writer copy edit cloner gsm backup cdma portable features. After cloning, you can plug in the larger cloned sd card to your android device and use it in normal.

How to clone a sim card sim card clonning very easy 100. A gsm sim card is copied by removing the sim card and placing a device between the handset and the sim card and allowing it to operate for a few minutes and extracting the k i, or secret code. Clone and copy sim modify sim iccid, imsi create custom sim. Digiflex usb sim card reader writer copy cloner backup gsm cdma. The sim cloning tool comes with a dedicated software and a usb adapter. We have compared different sim duplicator and sim card cloning software in. The method for ejecting a sim card is devicedependent. Trixes usb sim card reader writer copy edit cloner gsm. The usb cell phone sim card cloner provides a troublefree way to copy your data from one sim card to another. Connect the sim card reader with sim card inserted to your computer and the ki number begins to copy the contents in your sim card. You can also use the app to manage your sim contacts, e. It also enables you to authenticate with pin when activated and export sim card content to text files. It was possible on many phones to alter this via a. As to other files, you can exactly follow the same steps to do it.

The imsi number is normally printed on the sim card itself, and is between and 15 digits long. Sim copy software software free download sim copy software. Do you want to know how to clone sim card easily, here is how to. Win32 disk imager is a windows tool for reading data from an sd card and writing to a image file, also, it can be used to write a image file to a sd card. Now i wont need to return the new hotspot to the seller during the 30 day return period.

The sim card manager has many more features, among them. Click apply, confirm the copy information in the pending operation window, and click proceed if there is no problem. Sim card editor is a free program that enables you to collect data from your pcsc smart card reader device. On iphone or ipad, and devices with external sim card trays, insert an unbent paper clip into the hole in the tray, push gently inward, and remove the paper clip. Just like you export contacts from phone to sim or sd card aboe, to swap contacts between sim card and sd card on android phones, you can select export to sd card, then select any contacts on sim card to copy to sd card. Ability to copy the content from one sim card to another. I highly recommend this simmax sim card cloning software. Top 5 best sim card cloner to clone your sim card easily youtube. How can i back up contacts from sim card on computer. How to copy a dvd to microsd card quickly and easily. To transfer contacts the other way around, choose export to sim card to select and transfer contacts from sd card to sim card. Till now, you have already make a backup of the contacts saved in the sim card.

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