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The setting of the novel touching spirit bear has multiple layers. Touching spirit bear chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 summary and. Once they are done setting up inside the small log cabin that edwin built before cole came to the island, garvey and edwin give cole warnings about what he might expect on the island. This middle grade novel is an excellent choice for tween readers in grades 5 to 6, especially during homeschooling.

Rigor is great, but we also need to set students up for success. Student team literature standardized reading practice test. Educator resources for ben mikaelsens books, including touching spirit bear, sparrow hawk red, stranded, rescue josh mcguire and many more have been kindly provided by diverse teachers and organizations. Early in the novel, cole catches alex driscal in a parking lot where a fight ensues and cole smashes alexs head against the sidewalk. Book prezi touching spirit bear by hannah powers on prezi. Touching spirit bear setting the setting takes place on an isolated island called ketchikan, alaska, close to drake. Some of the main themes are to treat others with respect, you always have redemption for your mistakes, and that you cant change the circle of life.

Touching spirit bear, published in 2001, is an account of a young boys experience with violence, forgiveness, and nature as he is banished to a remote alaskan island as punishment for a violent crime. The punishment for smashing peter driscals skull into the sidewalk his most recent crime is harsh. During his stay in the detention center he was asked to apply for circle justice. Soon cole finds himself on a remote alaskan island in tlingit territory, banished for a. He taught me to be gentle and that i, too, am part of the circle. Free touching spirit bear worksheets and literature unit. See more ideas about touching spirit bear, spirit bear and spirit. But instead of jail time, cole is given another option. The question and answer section for touching spirit bear is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. The islands mountains and lakes make a perfect habitat for bears and wolves.

In the novel, touching spirit bear, the main character, cole matthews is sent to live on a remote island off the coast of ketchikan, which is a small town near the southern border of alaska. The plot was amazing and the events were very interesting. In his napra nautilus awardwinning novel touching spirit bear, author ben mikaelson delivers a poignant comingofage story of a boy who must overcome the effects that violence has had on his life after severely injuring peter driscal in an empty parking lot, mischiefmaker cole matthews is in major trouble. Despite the fact that it resembles a more advanced book, touching spirit bear has low reading level metrics teaching touching spirit bear is ideal with developing or resistant readers. During this time, he is confronted by a rare bear species, the spirit bear, in a way that transforms his perspective on his own life and on the world. Hetaughtmetobegentleand thati,too,ampartof thecircle. Touching spirit bear is a pretty simple book to follow in terms of writing style and vocabulary, but it does deal with some very heavy issues. I need help with quotes from the touching spirit bear book. They also mention the existence of a spirit bear an allwhite black bear that lives off the coast of british columbia.

In the novel touching spirit bear, the setting reflects the main characters. The story, touching spirit bear, has different possible themes. This guide includes comprehensive study of the novel, and covers many standards through indepth reading and analysis of the novel, and leaves stud. Touching spirit bear book study donorschoose project by. All in all, this was an amazing read and i recommend it to all. The terrain is hilly and there are some forest areas. What did cole matthews do to peter to be faced with this decision. In his napra nautilus awardwinning novel touching spirit bear, author ben mikaelson delivers a poignant comingofage story of a boy who must overcome the effects that violence has had on his life. I rated this book five out of five stars because it discuss topics that student go through to especially in middle school classrooms. Cole, the protagonist in the story, is an angry teen, whose explosive temper gets him in trouble with the law. Immediately download the touching spirit bear summary, chapterbychapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more everything you need for studying or teaching touching spirit bear. Touching spirit bear complete 224page teaching guide for touching spirit bear by ben mikaelsen is aligned to the common core standards for grades 78. A followup interactive novel study blog posting will detail out how to use the first classroom posting to tie the students directly to the novel content while establishing background knowledge.

The spirit bear approached cole with a slow lazy stride, page 6. He is sentenced to an american indian form of justice and is sent to live alone in the wilderness to think about the choices he has made in life. Touching spirit bear lesson plans authorbenmikaelsen. Ben mikaelsen isbn 0380977443 novel summary the main character in touching spirit bear, cole matthews, is an angry young man. At fifteen, cole matthews has been fighting and stealing for years. Why i love teaching touching spirit bear easy reading level. I hope that youll consider it and the other essays on this site about touching spirit bear. Animal farm scavenger hunts set of 4 english class, english lessons, teaching english classenglish. There may also be rabbits, rats, and moose as food for predators. Touching spirit bear story setting authorbenmikaelsen.

Touching spirit bear class set classroom book set bookpal. A short, squat man poked his head inside coles room. The book, touching spirit bear, by ben mikaesen is an outdoor adventure. This plan is 3part and deals with the management of anger. While waiting for the courts decision cole, the boy, was kept in a detention center. Theres a book in with the supplies to study if you want to learn what is. Ketchikan is wellknown for its salmon and was originally a fishing village. Theme touching spirit bear book report there are many themes to this book. Research and write a summary of the current trends in characteristics of.

Ben mikaelsen after his anger erupts into violence, cole, in order to avoid going to prison, agrees to participate in a sentencing alternative based on the native american circle justice, and he is sent to a. Appropriately, the room smells of cleaning disinfectant, and cole calls it a jail cell. In this lesson, you will explore how the setting of ben mikaelsens novel touching spirit bear mirrors the main characters emotional states, ranging from the turbulence of a storm to the. This is a quiz based on you knowledge of the book touching spirit bear by ben mikaelsen. This book is dedicated to buffy, a sevenhundredpound black bear who has become my own spirit bear. Contents epigraph part one touching spirit bear chapter 1.

Touching spirit bear is a novel by ben mikaelsen in which cole matthews must fend for himself on an island for one year as penance for assaulting a boy named peter. Ben mikaelsen born december 8, 1952 is a bolivian american writer of childrens literature. He will live either behind bars or in isolation for one year. Will the attack of the spirit bear destroy coles life or save his soul. We will be sharing and comparing our themes in small discussion groups. In the unit, students will be writing and collaborating on a class wiki. Choose a theme that you think touching spirit bear has and explain why you think this theme can be found in the story. In touching spirit bear, cole matthews is an angry, outofcontrol minneapolis teen, the son of wealthy, abusive alcoholic parents, convicted of viciously beating a classmate. There it is rainy and wet almost all the time with strong storms and high winds often. Use as classwork, homework, extension activities, early finisher work, or even in literacy centers. This refreshing vocab activity is perfect to get students involved in the book and expand their vocabulary as well.

Sample a another word for diminished is a increased b decreased c expanded d diverted 1. Perfect for your upcoming touching spirit bear unit, this package contains touching spirit. Some of the wildlife on the island is seagulls, rats and bears. In this unit, we will be reading the novel touching spirit bear by ben mikaelsen. The most significant encompassing layer of the setting is the island near the village of drake in alaska. So while it should be a novel that most readers can get through, the thematic issueslike child abuse, violence, and mortalitymight not be appropriate for young or sensitive readers. Touching spirit bear is an exciting story that allows students to follow were the main character cole matthews will go next in each part of the story. The main character in touching spirit bear, cole matthews, is an angry young. This touching spirit bear literature guide requires very little teacher prep simply print and teach.

The pigman part one or touching spirit bear part one. In the book touching spirit bear the setting is on a isolated southwestern alaskan island. Comprehension by chapter, vocabulary challenges, creative reading response activities and projects, tests, and much more. Touching spirit bear by ben mikaelsen librarything. The main setting of touching spirit bear is on a southwestern alaskan island. Expand your classroom libraries with teacher selected titles. As no one novel study can meet the needs of every classroom, and this novel study heavily. Touching spirit bear novel study unit questions and activities. After i read this book i really just wanted to read more. After severely injuring peter driscal in an empty parking lot, mischiefmaker cole matthews is in major trouble. Dedication thisbookisdedicatedtobuffy, asevenhundredpoundblackbearwho hasbecomemyownspiritbear. What is the importance of the setting in touching spirit bear. Touching spirit bear is a book about a very angry and abused fifteen year old who is facing a prison sentence for attacking and injuring a fellow ninethgrder.

Touching spirit bear book report by tyler miller on prezi. Cole matthews, the main character, goes on a journey of selfdiscovery and ends up creating a totem pole to explain what he has learned about himself. Free touching spirit bear study unit worksheets for teachers to print. Our short quiz is a handy way to see how well you understand the setting of ben mikaelsens touching spirit bear before you write a book report or take a test. The time and place where the story is taking place. The setting is important to the events in the story because if cole hadnt gone to the island, he wouldnt have been able to tame his anger or make things right. Whatever you do to the animals, you do to yourself. This manipulative and violent young offender is given one more chance. Student team literature standardized reading practice test touching spirit bear harper trophy, 2001 directions choose the word that means the same, or about the same, as the underlined word. Touching spirit bear novel study unit questions and. Touching spirit bear book study donorschoose project by mrs. Ben mikaelsons book touching spirit bear was truly magnificent.

Perfect for your upcoming touching spirit bear unit, this package contains touching spirit bear comprehension questions, answer keys, activities, graphic organizers, projects, and more. This huge 85 page package of touching spirit bear novel study resources contains everything you need to complete an engaging novel study on touching spirit bear by ben mikaelsen. Students can choose from a variety of activities to create their own final project. Touching spirit bear choice board novel study activities menu. Guide for students writing an i am poem using characters and traits found in touching spirit beart. Touching spirit bear chapter 1 cole matthews knelt defiantly in the bow of the aluminum chapter 2 the heavy load of supplies caused the skiff to wallow chapter 3 cole stared sullenly into the fire, then let his gaze chapter 4 by the time cole paused to catch his breath, he chapter 5 once clear of the bay, cole swam even harder. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. When i received my package in the mail i was exited to start reading. Because cole treated peter with respect towards the. Copy of touching spirit bear chapter questions with answers. Touching spirit bear choice board novel study activities. They also mention the existence of a spirit bear an allwhite black bear.

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